October 21, 2016 – Car Accident Benefits: Enough For The Journey Ahead?

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Adam Wagman

HSH Senior Partner and Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) President, Adam Wagman quoted in The Lawyers Weekly’s Recovery Magazine.

The article “Enough For The Journey Ahead?” by Kim Arnott focuses on the latest cuts to car insurance in Ontario and the impact on those who are catastrophically or seriously injured in an accident.

Few people expect to walk away from a car crash unscathed. But when it comes to the most severe financial and medical impacts, most people assume their automobile insurance will cushion the blow.

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In this article, Adam says:

  • This is going to have a a real impact on individuals, and there’s no question about it, people are going to suffer.
  • Cuts effectively increase the liability of at-fault drivers facing lawsuits launched by people they may have injured.
  • Cuts don’t just impact the victim. If a driver only has $1 million in liability coverage and causes someone to be catastrophically injured, their personal exposure has now gone through the roof.
  • The provincial government needs to reform the insurance system which is horribly broken after 20 years of amendments, modifications and tweaks.

About 50 per cent of accident victims are require to undergo insurance assessments, and in those cases, insurers typically spend more money assessing victims than treating them.

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Click here to learn more about accident benefits cuts in Ontario.

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About Adam Wagman

Personal injury lawyer, Adam Wagman is a senior partner and the former managing partner of Howie, Sacks & Henry. He is currently President of Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) and has held leadership roles in a number of professional associations and organizations. Adam’s practice focuses exclusively on personal injury law and includes the areas of: Motor Vehicle Accidents; Spinal Cord Injuries; Brain Injuries; Fatal Accidents; Slip and Fall Claims; Long-Term and Short-Term Disability Claims; and, Bike and Pedestrian Accidents.

About OTLA

The Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) was formed in 1991 by lawyers acting for plaintiffs. Our purpose is to promote access to justice for all Ontarians, preserve and improve the civil justice system, and advocate for the rights of those who have suffered injury and losses as the result of wrongdoing by others, while at the same time advocating strongly for safety initiatives.

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