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Howie, Sacks and Henry Staff Directory.
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Ana Santos
Assistant to Howard R. Blitstein
Anna Gabrielli
Assistant to James R. Howie
Bridget Irish
Law Clerk/Legal Assistant
Chanice Dean
Assistant to Melissa Miller
Chelsea McGowan Wiatrzyk
Assistant to Cheryl Donko
Cheryl Donko
Law Clerk
Christie Koo
Assistant to Marie Bishop
Christie McKeown
Law Clerk
Christina Mitchell
Assistant to Kaitlyn MacDonell
Christine Temple
Law Clerk
Cynthia Chow
Assistant to Leslie Hartwick
Daniel Fisher
David J. Levy
Managing Partner
Denise Mundier
Law Clerk
Diana Peto
Assistant to Christie McKeown
Donna Moscattini
Law Clerk
Elena Kudryavtseva
Law Clerk
Elise Harper
Assistant to Neil E. Sacks
Elizabeth De Los Rios Hernandez
Assistant to Padma Sahadeo
Esther Patrick
Assistant to Lesley Tersigni
Ewa Michon
Assistant to Daniel Fisher & Victoria Yang
Gabriel DaSilva
Assistant to Eman Khoshbin
Howard R. Blitstein
Judith Anton-Luke
Assistant to Brad S. Moscato
Kaitlyn MacDonell
Keshia Agarrat-Ali
Assistant to Tania Harris
Krishma Rani
Admin Assistant
Leanna Mirto
Assistant to Orit Winkler
Lesley Tersgini
Law Clerk
Leslie Fielding
Law Clerk, Assistant to Donna Moscattini
Leslie Hartwick
Law Clerk
Lisa Grodzinski
Assistant to Christine Temple
Lonnie Wellman
Office Manager
Marta Popovych
Assistant to Elena Kudryavtseva
Maryna Postnova
Assistant to Holly He
Meghan Hull Jacquin
Melissa Gallagher
Assistant to David J. Levy
Michael J. Henry
Natasha Brady
Legal Assistant
Pavithira Mylvaganam
Law Clerk
Pooneh Sooresrafil
Rebecca Gilmore
Assistant to Denise Mundier
Rita Maru
Assistant to Pavithira Mylvaganam
Sajjel Naveed
Legal Assistant
Samantha De Sa
Assistant to Meghan Hull Jacquin
Samantha Shatz
Sandra Train
Senior Associate
Sarah Husain
Assistant to Sandra Train
Thushyanthy Thevarajah
Assistant to Adam K. Wagman, D. Joel Dick
Valérie Lord
Vanessa Ucci
Assistant to Michael J. Henry
Veronica Vandersteenen
Assistant to Renée Vinett
Victoria Yang
Zahra Shahbaz
Law Clerk/Legal Assistant

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