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Nervous flyers everywhere are often reassured by well-meaning family members, friends and loved ones that airplanes are one of the safest forms of transportation available. It’s been said that a person is much more likely to be killed in a car accident on the way to an airport than on a flight. Unfortunately, when accidents involving airplanes do occur they can be spectacularly devastating and traumatic for survivors.

At HSH, we have significant experience dealing with the complex legal questions and insurance issues that tend to follow air travel accidents. Our legal team includes HSH partner Paul Miller, co-lead counsel for the victims of the 2005 Air France crash at Toronto’s Pearson airport.

Common Air Travel Accidents

Although air travel is a very safe form of transportation, passenger injuries or even death can and do occur. Injuries sustained during period of weather-related turbulence during flight are among the most prevalent of air travel accidents as sudden and/or severe movement of the cabin can lead to bruising, soft tissue injury and broken bones as passenger attempt to brace themselves or are jostled about.

While in flight, or in preparation for a flight, injuries also can occur due to taxiing accidents, sudden decompression, and tail strikes during take-off or landing, while problems most likely to lead to crashes range from mechanical failures, pilot error, structural or design problems, or negligence on the part of people or corporations responsible for conducting a flight or ensuring its safety.

Complex Legal Questions

The number of people and entities involved in any given flight mean assigning liability for an accident or injury can be very much contested and complex, and if the accident involves multiple injuries or wrongful deaths, victims or their families may need to decide whether to pursue actions individually or together.

At HSH, our lawyers specialize in a variety of aspects of the law which tend to come into play in litigation following an airplane accident, including personal injury, manufacturer product liability, mass tort law, and damages due to negligence. Our team can help to answer your questions about how best to proceed with your claim, and with our personal experience in airline accidents, we have a unique understanding of what types of emotions and concerns you may be experiencing.

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