Truck Accidents

They are a common sight on our highways – large commercial long-haul trucks used to transport manufactured goods and natural resources across the province. While crucial to our economy, sharing the road with these enormous vehicles can be tremendously unnerving.

In any accident involving a large commercial truck – from collisions, to wheel separations and other falling parts – smaller vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians are likely to come out on the losing end and resulting injuries are often catastrophic.

Litigation involving truck accidents can be exceptionally complex because multiple defendants and jurisdictions may be involved. Moreover, transportation companies also often have deep pockets they use to vigorously contest claims against them. At HSH, our personal injury lawyers have extensive experience with various aspects of the law relating to truck accidents and a proven record of managing actions involving provincial, national and international jurisdictions. We can be your trusted advocate, guiding you through difficulties with the claims process and/or assisting with additional lawsuits.

Anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident in Ontario is eligible for statutory benefits if they (or a loved one in certain circumstances) sustain certain types of personal injuries. However, if an accident involving large commercial trucks is the result of negligence, manufacturer defect, improper safety inspections, or poor driver training among other issues, you may be able to sue for additional damages.

It is always advisable to consult a specialized personal injury lawyer following a truck accident. HSH lawyers have expertise in handling cases involving disability benefits, product liability, and personal injuries sustained due to negligence. We will work with you to ensure the circumstances of your case are carefully reviewed so that you are able to claim the full compensation you are due and pursue damages if another party’s negligence contributed to or aggravated the injuries you sustained.

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