‘Havana Syndrome’ Lawsuit Covered by International Media

canadian embassy in havana

Howie, Sacks & Henry has partnered with law firm Waddell Phillips to represent the Canadian Diplomats who have suffered mysterious injuries known as Havana Syndrome while representing Canada in Cuba.

The diplomats have been diagnosed with “Havana syndrome,” which neurologists say is medically similar to a concussion but without physical trauma, and which some U.S. researchers have speculated may have been the result of some sort of energy weapon.

Symptoms include dizziness, nosebleeds, headache, nausea and confusion. The diplomats are seeking $28-million from the federal government, alleging Ottawa failed to properly address mysterious brain injuries they sustained while representing Canada in Cuba.

This lawsuit is of particular interest as diplomats rarely sue their current employers.

International Coverage

HSH Partner Paul Miller, representing these individuals, has been interviewed by various international news outlets.

I think it became, ‘We are fed up. We don’t think we’re being treated properly and we’re going to take this as our only alternative.’ We’ve got some people who may not work again.

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