David Levy Speaks to Law Times About the Importance of our Relationship-based Firm Culture

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HSH Managing Partner David Levy was recently interviewed by Law Times’ Managing Editor Tim Wilbur, discussing the importance of personal relationships to our firm’s work, and his focus on re-energizing the firm’s culture as lawyers and staff return to the office.

David described many of the changes that took place in the legal profession during pandemic restrictions, pointing out that that the legal community’s adoption of new tools and technologies has produced significant time savings and efficiency improvements. He explained the value he sees in a hybrid model for court cases where administrative tasks such as scheduling could be completed far more quickly and efficiently in a virtual context while the core elements of a case such as some witness testimony and oral arguments would still take place in-person.

David also described the firm’s long-standing culture that emphasizes strong collegial relationships both inside and outside the firm, explaining, “Everything that we’ve always done has been premised on the notion of us doing it together.” David noted that while HSH lawyers and staff have made good use of the firm’s prescient investment in technology that has helped us work productively from home, his focus for the rest of the year will be on strengthening our personal ties with colleagues inside and outside the firm. As he explained: “The advantages of being together, the obvious ones and even the subtle ones, we feel are quite significant.”

Howie, Sacks & Henry LLP managing partner David Levy on why law firm culture is his main priorityLaw Times, March 15, 2022

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