May 24, 2017: Conference Paved the Way Towards Great Understanding of Neuroplasticity Treatments


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Howie Sacks & Henry LLP and Henderson Structured Settlements were pleased to present a full day conference which gave attendees a look at how brain injury survivors are getting help and hope through medical, legal and insurance communities.

The conference not only provided attendees with the latest research and outcomes of brain science, but also explored how adopting new treatments and approaches are evolving to better meet the needs of brain injury survivors.

Featured Speaker:

Norman Doidge

Dr. Norman Doidge was our featured speaker. He has brought the benefits of neuroplasticity to the mainstream, sharing stories and research on how brain injury survivors are finding help and hope. His initial comments stressed that the event was a very unique opportunity to gather a community around the science of neuroplasticity and how it could be practically applied.  He did stress to survivors that there is no cure all:  interventions do not work for everyone.

The Globe and Mail describes Dr. Doidge as “a master at explaining science to the rest of us.” He is a New York Times best-selling author and has been featured on many television and radio programs around the world.

The documentary film of his best selling book, The Brain’s Way of Healing, aired on CBC’s Nature of Things in October of 2016 and focused on neuroplasticity’s next step and how healing the brain using non-invasive methods is resulting in improvements and cures.

HSH Speakers

  • Neil Sacks moderated the afternoon panel discussion
  • David Levy moderated a panel representing insurance, plaintiff and defence lawyer perspectives.
  • Renee Vinett: shared MC duties for the event.

Conference Proceeds to St. Mikes


Proceeds from the event were donated to the St. Michael’s Head Injury Clinic.  Neil Sacks (l) and John Welton (r) of Henderson Structured Settlements presented a cheque in the amount of $15,000 to Dr. Donna Ouchlertony (c).



Thank you to Our Sponsors

Thank you to our event sponsors




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