May 10, 2017 – HSH Sponsored Home First’s ‘Tie One On’ Event



HSH was support to support Homes First’s “Tie One On” through sponsorship of Wanda’s Arts Award on May 10th at the Addison’s Residence

On May 10th, we helped provide a home for those who don’t have one. Guests bid ties worn by some of Toronto’s most influential people and many other unique items while dancing to live local music.

Wanda’s Arts Awards

This year, the featured item was little-known piece of Toronto at Tie One On – the artistic work of Homes First’s residents. In its third year, Wanda’s Arts Awards is a bursary program supporting local residents who use art to cope and heal. HSH Associate,Valerie Lord, volunteers for the organization.

About Homes First

It costs a lot to provide a safe stable, suitable home for Toronto’s chronically homeless.  It costs even more not to. The housing first approach was pioneered by Homes First thirty years ago. Through experience and research we know that:

  • Housing First improves the lives of those who are homeless and have a mental illness
  • Housing First makes better use of government and publicly donated funds, especially for those who are high service users
  • A cross ministry approach that combines health, housing, social services with non profit partners is required to solve chronic homelessness.
  •  Solving chronic homelessness can create dramatic improvements for Canadian communities.

People need a home before they can begin to work on other issues. With a home people can build a future. They have a better chance of integrating into society. They are healthier. They rely less on social and health services.

Homes First is there to provide a home first. They work with others to provide the supports people need to maintain their housing and rebuild their lives. They  accept referrals from and draw on the knowledge and experience of other community service organizations to support  residents.

To learn more about how you can help, visit

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