Renting a Kayak this Summer? Be Cautious When Signing A Waiver

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Kayak2Renting a kayak or other recreational equipment during the summer can be an inexpensive way to enjoy your time at the lake. HSH Partner, Renée Vinett,  quoted in this article on on the enforceability of waivers signed when doing recreational activities.

Generally the courts have found waivers to be valid and enforceable.

In this article Renée says:

A challenge to the validity entails a legal analysis of the specific wording of the waiver itself and the circumstances surrounding the signing of the waiver. However, the courts have held that where an operator “knew it was putting the public in danger by providing a substandard product or service, or was reckless as to whether it was doing so”, it would be contrary against the public policy to allow the operator to avoid liability. Unfortunately, the court must find that the conduct of the operator was reprehensible in the circumstances.

Renée recommends that individual’s refrain from signing a waiver unless they are comfortable with the risks associated with the activity as the waiver is likely to be found enforceable.

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