HSH Acting as Lead Counsel in Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuits

Howie, Sacks & Henry LLP – Personal Injury Law – Nursing Home Negligence

Howie, Sacks & Henry LLP – Personal Injury Law – Nursing Home Negligence

HSH announced on May 3rd, 2018  that we will serve as lead counsel for two class action lawsuits representing families against nursing homes for neglect of their loved ones at industry giants Extendicare, Leisurewold, Sienna and Revera nursing home facilities.

We were asked by Amani Oakley of Oakley & Oakley to join the Nursing Home Action Coalition, lending our extensive trial experience to these landmark lawsuits, believed to be the first of their kind in Canada. The Coalition comprises the law firms of Diamond and Diamond, HSH and Oakley & Oakley, creating a powerhouse team of veteran, medical malpractice lawyers, coming together in an effort to improve care for nursing home residents.

HSH Partner Paul Miller's comment on the issue:

"These are our fathers, our mothers and our fellow man. Mistakes have been made and our elderly have suffered in unimaginable ways. Those that are vulnerable require tireless advocacy and a team dedicated to changing the status quo not just today but for all our futures.

In the Press

Press Conference

Paul Miller and Melissa Miller at May 3rd press conference

A press conference was held on May 3rd to bring awareness to the issue and talk about the lawsuit.

The families of Shirley Murphy and Jose Novo spoke about allegations of neglect by two long-term care providers. Jose Novo had bed sores so deep that bone was exposed, and Lioubov “Luba” Ijnatieva felt “something crawling” inside a skin wound on her leg.  It was infested with fly maggots.

The legal team spoke about the lawsuit and how families can learn if they qualify for the lawsuit.

Paul Miller and Melissa Miller will lead HSH's legal team.

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Have you, or a loved one, suffered the effects of poor care in a Nursing Home run by Extendicare, Revera, Leisureworld or Sienna?

If you have, then contact us to find out if we can help you. You may be able to join a class action or a mass tort against these homes, possibly entitling you to damages under one of these proceedings.

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Member of Nursing Home Action Coalition

We are a proud member of the Nursing Home Action Coalition, acting on behalf of families.

www.nursinghomeabuse.ca or call +1 (877) 506-NHAC

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