Double Amputee of Ottawa Bus Crash Chooses Independent Lawsuit Over Class Action

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A wife and mother of two who was crushed in the OC Transpo Westboro Station bus crash on January 11th, suffered two above-knee amputations and will remain separated from her family and in hospital for an indeterminate period. She was lifted from the second level of the bus using the Jaws of Life, and was taken to hospital in critical condition. Despite her injuries, her first thoughts were of others: she expressed hope that some part of her legs might be able to medically assist someone else, but unfortunately the damage to her legs was too severe.

The care provided by hospital staff has been of the highest quality. Her family gather around to lift her spirits. The reality is only beginning to set in: the road ahead will be long and painful – emotionally, mentally and physically. Moving from optimism to anger to grief to worry and around and around again, her biggest concern is how her family will afford the immense care and support required to get her back to being independent and able to partner with her husband and nurture her children.

Howie, Sacks & Henry LLP – Personal Injury Law – Meghan M. Hull JacquinMeghan Hull Jacquin, partner at Howie, Sacks & Henry LLP, has been retained to ensure that she and her family are supported through all possible means from the moment she leaves the hospital for her lifetime.

Concerned about the Class Action announcement, Hull Jacquin believes that while joining a class action may be the right decision for some, all of the victims of this tragic crash should speak to a lawyer to determine if bringing an individual case is the better way of protecting their rights and seeking all of the compensation they deserve. “The legislation surrounding injuries suffered by victims of motor vehicle accidents in Ontario is complex. In order to best protect their rights, victims are encouraged to consult with lawyers who are experts in litigating motor vehicle accidents within the Province of Ontario”.  

To learn more about your choices, contact Meghan Hull Jacquin at or 416-361-7561. She consults free of charge and her firm advances claims on a contingency basis.

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