Paul Miller Discusses Taking on Out of The Box Lawsuits on The Not on Record Podcast

paul miller podcast appearance

Paul Miller, Howie, Sacks & Henry's Managing Partner, sits down with Criminal Defence Lawyer Joseph Neuberger, the host of the Not On Record Podcast. In this episode, they provide an inside look into the aftermath of high-profile trials and the unfolding changes to our legal institutions, bringing us the inside scoop from Canadian courtrooms.

Paul's expertise and legal background have led him to take on out-of the-box cases. During this episode, he dives into two of his most notable cases, the lawsuit against the Canadian Department of National Defence for administering Mefloquine and the Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 Plane Crash Lawsuit. Paul and Joseph discuss these cases' challenges, triumphs, and complexities, offering listeners unique insights into the legal world.

Watch Not On The Record Podcast to explore the Canadian legal system with top legal professionals like Paul Miller and Joseph Neuberger. Tune in now to hear about these fascinating cases and gain a deeper understanding of the complex world of law.

You can watch the video full here.

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