What’s involved in filing a personal injury claim?

You have had an accident!!!

You are injured. You cannot work and life at home is not the same.

You have decided to start a lawsuit against the person that caused your injuries.

You make an appointment with a lawyer. It is so important that you bring all the information you have. Don't leave anything at home. Let the lawyer decided what is important.

In order to draft a claim on your behalf, the lawyer will need the date and time of the accident. Witness names and contact information and any medical information you may have. If you have a the motor vehicle accident report, medical reports and/or documentation from your own insurance company, bring it as the lawyer will need to review this information to draft a claim.

You will need to be totally honest about your injuries from the accident as well as any pre-existing injuries or health problems.

You will need to share with the lawyer how your injuries have impacted your life at home and work.

The lawyer will draft a claim based upon the information provided and the file it with the court. It will then be served on the person who caused your injuries.

That is how you start a claim.

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