How do you determine what my case is worth?

The first thing to know is that there is no textbook, no computer, no magic formula that will definitively tell you what your case is worth. If there were such a thing, no one would need a lawyer.

So until something like that is invented, cases are evaluated based on the evidence, the credibility of the people involved and professional judgment. Lets talk briefly about each of those.

Evidence comes in many forms, including your own description of how the accident happened and how it has affected you, medical records, tax, employment, insurance files and more. Some of the evidence can only be provided by experts, often doctors, and this evidence is particularly important because it helps us understand not only how the injuries are impacting you now, but how they will continue to impact you in the future. These reports, that we will obtain for you, will help us answer key questions like “will you need more surgery”, “will you be able to go back to work, and if so, when and under what circumstances”, “what medical needs will you have in the future”, and others.

The second important factor is credibility or believability, always an important consideration in a personal injury case. Everything an insurance company does is viewed through the lens of “how would this look to a Judge or Jury”? Even though most cases don’t go to trial, the value of the case is often shaped by the likelihood that whoever is making the claims will be believed.

And finally, there is judgment. Ultimately, our experience in handling thousands of cases over the years gives us the ability to know what damages to pursue, how to prove them, and how to maximize the recovery we can get for you.

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