How do I know if an insurance company is offering me a fair settlement?

That’s a really important question and it’s a discussion that you need to have with your lawyer at your first meeting together.  That discussion should continue as your case progresses, as you recovery from your injuries, and as your lawyer gathers all of the information necessary to figure out the value of all of your losses.

When it comes to compensation for your pain and suffering, your lawyer can provide you with a range of what judges and juries have awarded for similar types of injuries in prior cases.

At Howie, Sacks and Henry, we also hire the top experts available to help us calculate, and prove, all of your losses.  Of course, the insurance company often gathers their own evidence and hires their own experts who come to different conclusions, and we use all of our knowledge and experience to give you advice about what is likely to happen if your case goes to trial.  That’s how we determine what’s reasonable.

We only advise our clients to settle for an amount that is fair, and we take the time to go through all of the evidence with our clients so that they understand the advice that we are giving.

And if the insurance company doesn’t offer to pay a reasonable settlement, we have a lot of experience taking those insurance companies to trial in order to force them to pay what is fair.

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