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Slips and falls are a serious concern of healthcare providers. As one of the leading causes of emergency room visits and hospital admissions, anything that helps prevent slips or trips and reduces the likelihood of a fall that could result in broken bones, scarring, nerve damage or head trauma is a positive step.

Stratford-area health organizations are being incredibly proactive with providing fall prevention strategies targeted to medical patients and seniors and people with disabilities, including offering falls prevention programs. But anyone, at any age, and with any level of health or ability is capable of suffering from a fall – especially if another person’s negligence has created dangerous or hazardous conditions.

Individuals, businesses, municipalities and entities such as nursing homes and care facilities have an obligation to keep their properties well-maintained and free from hazards to ensure people are reasonably safe from harm. Sometimes they may fall short of fulfilling this duty and their actions or inaction may cause or contribute to a fall-related injury.

Some situations where potential negligence could cause or contribute to an injury include:

  • a business that fails to advertise slippery or wet floors, does not properly secure carpets or other tripping hazards, or has inadequate lighting in stairwells or other well-travelled areas
  • a municipality that has not maintained sidewalks in a timely fashion leading to slips and falls from ice and snow or trips from uneven concrete
  • a care facility failing to take reasonable steps to keep vulnerable patients safe from falls
  • poorly maintained playground equipment or recreational facilities

If you believe another person’s negligent actions or inaction caused or contributed to your fall-related injury, it’s important to contact a skilled personal injury lawyer quickly to ensure your right to file a claim is protected.

The experienced and knowledgeable team of slip and fall lawyers at Howie, Sacks and Henry is ready to help you in Stratford. Ranked as one of Canada’s top personal injury law firms, we have the expertise to help you make a claim for compensation and damages, to be your trusted supporter and advocate during this process.

At HSH, we believe that everyone deserves access to the highest quality of legal representation and distance or ability to travel should never be obstacles for our clients. One of our slip and fall lawyers will be pleased to meet with you in your own home in the Stratford area or at a nearby consultation office to discuss your case.

As we listen to your story with compassion and empathy, we’ll explain your rights and options, offer our well-informed legal advice, and discuss the next steps in the process if you choose to proceed with a claim. Our team is also always available to assist in scheduling and facilitating any medical visits, evaluations or rehabilitation therapies you may need for your case and your recovery.

In the aftermath of a serious slip and fall injury, trust an HSH slip and fall lawyer to be on your side and by your side in Stratford. Together, will work to access the financial resources you need and deserve so you can move forward.

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