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There’s much to enjoy in Ottawa when winter sets in and the temperature dips – including enjoying a warm beavertail while skating on the canal – but the winter months can also make walking around outside rather treacherous.

Slips, trips and falls on icy sidewalks and paths are not uncommon during an Ottawa winter and, sadly, some may result in very serious and debilitating injuries. But who, if anyone, is at fault for such an accident?

All of us have a responsibility to take precautions to keep ourselves reasonably safe while on public or private property. Yet, the individuals, businesses, and other entities such as municipal governments that take care of these spaces also have a duty to keep us reasonably safe from harm.

For example, the City of Ottawa prioritizes plowing during snow storms on high-use roads and routes used by emergency vehicles. Once a storm has ended, other streets and sidewalks should be plowed within time frames ranging from a few hours to a few days depending on the severity of the weather. If sufficient time has passed and the municipality hasn’t taken appropriate steps to clear a hazard such as an icy sidewalk and a fall occurs, the city may be found to be negligent and liable for damages.

Other examples of negligence causing a slip, trip or fall include:

  • loose or bunched up carpet, dimly-lit stairwells or other hazards on a business premises
  • nursing homes or care facilities failing to adequately monitor patients at risk for falls
  • poorly maintained parks or recreational facilities

Howie, Sacks and Henry’s knowledgeable and experienced slip and fall lawyers have developed the expertise to assist you with a claim for compensation and damages if someone’s negligence has caused or contributed to your fall-related injury. Consistently named by our peers as one of Canada’s top personal injury law firms, HSH is known for our compassionate and caring client-centred service.

An HSH slip and fall lawyer can arrange to meet with you in your own home in the Ottawa area or at a nearby consultation office to listen to the story of your injury, explain your rights and options and offer trusted legal advice. If you choose to pursue a claim with us, our team will be pleased to support you in any way we can, such as scheduling and facilitating medical tests, evaluations and rehabilitative therapies necessary for your case and your recovery.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a slip and fall accident and you believe another person’s negligent actions or inaction may have caused or contributed to your pain, suffering or disability, contact us to learn more about how we can help. With an HSH slip and fall lawyer on your side and by your side in the Ottawa area, you can have confidence that you’ll have a strong advocate as you seek the financial resources and compensation you need and deserve.

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Looking for a slip and fall lawyer in Ottawa? Contact Us.

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