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About one-third of the more than two million injury-related emergency room visits in Canada each year are due to accidental falls. The average hospital stay for fall-related injuries is almost twice as long as for other reasons, and recent statistics suggest admissions to hospitals for fall-related injuries are on the rise. Sadly, Oshawa is not immune to its share of these injuries.

Although you may associate falls with elderly persons and think it’s an unfortunate but natural part of the aging process, fall-related injuries occur to people of all ages and the vast majority of these injuries are entirely preventable.

Communities, public health officials and care facilities have all begun to adopt fall prevention strategies to help reduce the number of these injuries. Part of the solution lies with people taking care and reasonable steps to keep themselves safe from hazards and potential harm. This includes: being attuned to and aware of their surroundings, not doing things in haste, and avoiding dimly lit or poorly maintained paths, stairwells, or other areas.

Nevertheless, other people, businesses, governments and institutions such as hospitals that occupy or operate a premises also have a responsibility to keep people reasonably safe in their spaces. If you’ve suffered a slip, trip or fall due to their negligent actions or inaction, you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation and damages for the harm they caused.

Some examples of negligence causing or contributing to a slip and fail include:

  • failure to properly maintain sidewalks, parking lots, paths or recreational facilities from hazards such as ice
  • neglecting to clearly mark, draw attention to, or fix hazards on a property such as loose carpets, slippery surfaces, or objects that interfere with movement
  • an institution such as a nursing home or hospital failing to take appropriate care transferring or moving patients or residents using fall prevention protocols

Howie, Sacks and Henry’s knowledgeable and experienced slip and fall lawyers can help you following this kind of accident in Oshawa. Consistently ranked as one of the country’s top personal injury law firms, the team at HSH has developed the expertise needed to build strong cases in this area of law.

An HSH slip and fall lawyer can arrange to meet you in your own home in the Oshawa area or at a nearby consultation office. We believe distance or the ability to travel should never be a barrier to access to high quality legal representation. As we listen to your story, we’ll explain your rights, outline your options, and answer any questions you may have about how to pursue a claim.

With a reputation for compassion, kindness, and attentive care to our clients, we’ll demonstrate to you that you are always more than a case in our eyes. HSH will offer support in your recovery and we’re pleased to schedule and facilitate any medical visits, evaluations and rehabilitative therapies you need.

A serious slip and fall injury may cause broken bones, scarring, nerve damage or head trauma and the resulting pain, suffering and/or disability could leave you unable to work, paying out of pocket for medical expenses, and have a negative impact your enjoyment of life. With a Howie, Sacks and Henry slip and fall lawyer as your trusted advocate by your side and on your side in Oshawa, you can be confident you’ll have the support you need as you seek access the financial resources you deserve. Together, we’ll work to help you journey down the road to recovery.

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