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The belief that falls are normal part of aging is common, but it’s not always true. Although older adults are more likely to sustain injuries from falls than other age groups, the vast majority of falls are preventable. North Bay’s public health unit has adopted a fall prevention strategy called “Stay on Your Feet” that is designed to help older residents stay active, independent and on their feet.

The program lists nine steps to prevent a fall that advise a person to maintain good posture and balance, stay active and healthy, and to “identify, remove and report hazards.” While this is good advice, unfortunately sometimes we don’t recognize a hazard until it’s too late and we find ourselves laying on the ground. And if another person, business or institution has been negligent in allowing that hazard to remain in place without being clearly marked, even this fall prevention program may not help us avoid it.

Icy sidewalks, slippery wet surfaces, loose carpeting, protruding objects, poorly lit areas, and unmarked pot holes and broken pavement can all cause or contribute to falls that lead to serious injuries and temporary or permanent disability. From broken bones, to cuts and scarring, to brain and spine trauma, when another person’s negligent actions or inaction has caused you harm, you may be able to claim compensation and damages for your losses.

Howie, Sacks and Henry’s experienced slip and fall lawyers can help you in North Bay if you’ve been injured in a slip, trip or fall. As one of Canada’s top personal injury law firms, our knowledgeable and trusted team has the expertise to help build a case for compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

An HSH slip and fall lawyer will gladly visit with you in your own home in the North Bay area or at a nearby consultation office to listen to your story, inform you of your rights and options, and provide advice on how you may wish to proceed. If you do choose to make a claim, our team will also be pleased to schedule and facilitate any testing, medical evaluations and rehabilitation therapies.

Whether the slip and fall occurred on government property, in a business establishment or at an institution such as a nursing home, hospital or seniors’ residences, our team will work diligently to access fair and just compensation for your injuries. With an HSH slip and fall lawyer on your side and by your side in North Bay you can be confident that you’ll have a trusted advocate and supporter helping you travel down the road to recovery.

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