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They say that patience is a virtue. But with preventable motor vehicle accidents – including some involving fatalities – occurring regularly on Highway 402 in Sarnia, it’s completely understandable when local OPP officers say they are losing patience. The officers say a distressing number of people, including those operating tractor trailers and big rigs, are engaging in distracted driving, impaired driving, aggressive driving and other activities that are causing or contributing to devastating collisions.

In addition to the horrific injuries people involved in these accidents experience, the resulting highway road closures send this traffic onto local roads in Sarnia leading to congestion and the potential for more collisions there. It’s little wonder that patience is wearing thin.

Let Us Be Your Advocates

The Sarnia personal injury lawyers at Howie, Sacks and Henry understand the immense toll injuries from these accidents can take on you and your loved ones. From traumatic brain injuries, to broken bones, nerve damage, to spinal cord injuries, these accidents can change a life in an instant. We also know that when it comes to dealing with insurance companies during the claims process, persistence can be a virtue.

With our team of experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyers in Sarnia as your advocates, we will help you compile the documentation you need to make a strong claim, assess their offers, and diligently pursue a fair and just settlement. Insurance companies know our reputation for building strong cases means we are not afraid to go to court if we believe they are not offering what you are due.

But at HSH, you are never just a case. You are a person, first and foremost. Our team of compassionate, caring and attentive personal injury lawyers will gladly meet you in your home or at a nearby consultation office in Sarnia to listen to your story and provide the high quality legal assistance deserve.

We Handle All Types of Serious Personal Injuries

Whether your injury is the result of a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, or from some other recreational activity, you can be confidence HSH personal injury lawyers in Sarnia have the expertise you need. The healing process, like the legal process, will take time, focus, and determination. You can count on our team to be a trusted member of your support team as you travel down the road to recovery.

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Since 2011, our peers have consistently voted for us as one of Canada’s top personal injury firms in Canadian Lawyer magazine’s annual rankings of the top personal injury boutiques in Canada.

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