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Local politicians know that calling the stretch of Highway 17 between Mattawa and Arnprior the “death highway” would be bad for tourism, but the number of fatal accidents on this part of the Trans Canada Highway certainly suggests it’s not terribly safe. Pembroke area residents and others who support twinning the two-lane highway point to the frequency of these fatal accidents to make their case.

Sadly, however, deaths and serious injuries from accidents in Pembroke aren’t restricted to this section of highway. Motor vehicle accidents on local streets, accidents during recreational activities (ATVs, boating) and slips, trips and fall on private and public property can and do happen everywhere. In a matter of moments a person can sustain a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord or nerve damage, or broken bones and soft tissue injuries that can be life-altering.

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Coming to terms with new disabilities, thinking about treatments, therapies and the recovery process, and contemplating the steps you’ll need to take to get financial compensation can be overwhelming if you feel you’re on this journey alone. Building a network in the Pembroke area, including Howie, Sacks, and Henry’s experienced and skilled personal injury lawyers, can help provide the support you need as you begin to put your life back together.

HSH personal injury lawyers are pleased to meet with you in your own home or a local consultation  in Pembroke, Renfrew, Arnprior or other nearby communities. We believe distance and travel time should never be an obstacle to your ability to access high quality legal representation.

Our compassionate, caring and dedicated team will listen to your story and offer advice about your legal options. We can assist with statutory accident benefits (SABS) applications and facilitate the kinds of medical tests, evaluations and therapies you will need as you make a claim for compensation. And if another person’s negligence has caused or contributed harm to you, we will help you assess the amount in damages you deserve for your pain, suffering and losses.

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HSH personal injury lawyers have a reputation among insurers for preparing strong, court-ready cases. They know that we have no concerns about bringing our cases to court if they don’t make a fair a just settlement offer that meets the needs and best interests of our clients.

If you or a loved one has been seriously hurt in an accident and you live in the Pembroke area, you can count on HSH personal injury lawyers to be your trusted advocate. Together, we will travel down the road to recovery and work to ensure you have the financial resources and supports you need to heal.

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