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Whether you’re a driver, cyclist or pedestrian, we all want Oakville’s streets to be safe. When we hear about tragedies, like the death of a 57-year cyclist at Lakeshore Road and Third Line, or the frequency of injury-causing accidents at intersections like Bronte Street and Rebecca Road, we wonder how we might improve road safety.

Oakville residents can now help Halton police monitor dangerous sections of road through an online reporting system of traffic complaints. Location specific reports of behaviours such as stop sign or red light violations, excessive speed, aggressive or careless driving and failure to yield to pedestrians can help police step up enforcement in certain areas and hopefully reduce the risk of an accident.

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Unfortunately, even with additional safety measures, accidents of any kind can and still do happen. And sadly, sometimes another person’s negligence contributes to such accidents. Many Oakville residents sustain serious injuries each year in motor vehicle accidents, slips, trips or falls, or while partaking in recreational activities. From broken bones and soft-tissue damage, to traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, and nerve damage, severe injuries can dramatically impact your life.

Howie, Sacks and Henry’s trusted personal injury lawyers can help you in Oakville as you seek compensation and damages for the pain, suffering and losses you’ve experienced as the result of one of these accidents. Our knowledgeable and skillful team has the expertise needed to handle cases involving even complex injuries and conditions.

HSH personal injury lawyers are available to visit you in your own home in Oakville or at a nearby consultation office to listen to your story and offer advice about your options. Our team can assist with the insurance claims process. We can explain the kinds of tests and expert assessments you may need to help ensure you receive all financial resources you’ll need for your recovery.

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Insurance claims representatives are well aware of HSH’s reputation for preparing strong cases. If they don’t make a fair offer to settle that meets our client’s needs, we have no hesitation in bringing the issue to court.

HSH personal injury lawyers understand how difficult, stressful and overwhelming it can be for an injured person or their loved ones to think about everything involved in a lawsuit. We bring compassion, empathy and kindness to every client interaction. We never see you as just another case – we see you as a person deserving respect, support and advocacy during this challenging period in your life.

If you live in the Oakville area, have been seriously injured and are looking for high quality legal representation, the personal injury lawyers at HSH look forward to hearing from you. Together, we can work to get you the financial resources you’ll need for your recovery and to rebuild a life that has been interrupted by a tragic accident.

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