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Carnage Alley. It’s a shocking, gruesome and grim nickname, but it’s one the stretch of Highway 401 running from London to Windsor earned in the 1990s that continues to this day. With so many car accidents and collisions resulting in death or serious injury occuring along this highway, it’s completely understandable why local activists in London have been campaigning for expanding it or introducing concrete barriers to make it safer.

London residents who have lost loved ones in these tragic accidents or who have sustained serious and debilitating injuries themselves know that improving safety on this part of the 401 will help to save lives in the future; however, it won’t bring back people who we have lost in the past or changes lives that have been forever altered by injury and disability. But there are other ways to rebuild and move forward from these unfortunate incidents.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motor vehicle accident that has resulted in an injury or death, the personal injury lawyers at Howie, Sacks and Henry in London are ready and willing to help you file a claim for accident benefits or compensation and damages if your loss has been caused by the negligence of another person. These benefits and awards will never truly replace what has been lost or erase the pain and suffering you have experienced, but they can greatly assist with your recovery and ease any financial worries the accident may have caused.

Our team of trusted and compassionate personal injury lawyers in London have extensive experience helping people with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, broken bones and soft tissue and nerve damage. Whether you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle collision, slip and fall, or an accident from a recreational activity, HSH lawyers will gladly meet with you in your own home or at a nearby consultation office. You won’t need to travel far to have access to quality legal advice and representation.

HSH personal injury lawyers in London have a well-earned reputation for the care and concern we have for our clients. Once we help you obtain the appropriate medical tests and records, we build strong cases that encourage insurance companies to offer fair and just settlements. And we are never afraid to go to court if we believe their offer is unfair or inadequate.

As your trusted legal advocates, we are here to support you every step of the way and you leave Carnage Alley behind you and move confidently down the road to recovery.

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