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Brampton drivers routinely pay the highest insurance premiums in Ontario. Why? Not only are there a greater rate of claims made in the city compared to the rest of the province, but the cost per claim for insurance companies is several thousand dollars higher than the Ontario average.

Police suggest higher speed limits on Brampton streets contribute to greater number of accidents, but they also note that staged collisions, where people intentionally get into motor vehicle accidents and overstate their damages or injuries to commit fraud are another major factor.

If you’re a Brampton resident who has sustained a personal injury due to a car accident, you will probably be concerned that the frequency of these staged collisions may make insurance companies more skeptical of the extent of your injuries. Perhaps they may be more likely to challenge medical reports you submit or offer you a settlement that is less than fair.

Let Us Be Your Trusted Advocates

Fortunately, with Howie, Sacks and Henry personal injury lawyers in Brampton on your side, you can be confident that you’ll have a trusted team to represent you and advocate for you during the claims process. Our experienced lawyers have handled many cases involving injuries ranging from broken bones, to spinal cord damage, to traumatic brain injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents, cycling accidents and collisions with pedestrians.

We have built a strong reputation for being compassionate, caring and attentive to our clients’ needs and well-prepared to negotiate fair and just settlements with insurance providers or to challenge them in court if it’s what’s necessary to meet our clients’ needs.

We Handle Your Case So You Can Focus On Recovery

Focussing on your recovery and well-being following a personal injury takes a great deal of time and energy and well-being. HSH lawyers in Brampton know that worrying about the claims process, medical bills or unsettled legal matters is draining and not helpful for the healing process. With our team as your trusted representatives, you can put your mind at ease knowing your claim is in experienced hands and that you will never be just a case to us – you will always be a person first.

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Since 2011, our peers have consistently voted for us as one of Canada’s top personal injury firms in Canadian Lawyer magazine’s annual rankings of the top personal injury boutiques in Canada.

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