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Sudburians are understandably proud of their city’s role as a major health care centre for Northeastern Ontario.

This city is home to Health Sciences North (HSN), a “network of integrated facilities and programs working together for the benefit of… patients, communities, physicians, researchers, staff and learners in the areas of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care.” With leading regional programs for cardiac care, oncology, nephrology, trauma and rehabilitation, the HSN gives Sudbury residents and people from surrounding communities access to high quality care.

Many patients going to this and local medical facilities for care emerge on the mend and they are able to return home to continue their journey down the road to recovery. But not all of these outcomes are happy; there are also times when adverse incidents occur at hospitals and other medical facilities.

The Risk of Medical Negligence

At least one in 13 people entering a hospital in Canada will experience an “adverse event.” Of these, research estimates approximately 40% are preventable. Across the country 70,000 patients experience preventable, serious injury every year as a result of treatments and as many as 23,000 Canadians die each year due to preventable “adverse effects” in acute-care hospitals alone. Sadly, Sudbury is not immune to these tragic statistics.

Everybody makes mistakes – even the medical professionals who we entrust to take care of us and our loved ones when we are ill. But when these errors or omissions are made as the result of negligence or when treatment deviates from acceptable norms and practices, it’s not simply a mistake – it’s medical malpractice.

Some Major Forms of Medical Malpractice

Whether it’s errors during surgery that cause acquired brain injuries or spinal cord damage, dangerously improper administration of medications, birth injuries (including cerebral palsy), or misdiagnosis, a hospital or medical facility’s error can leave a person facing a serious disability or death.

Surgical Errors – Damage and disability can be caused by leaving foreign objects in the body after surgery, performing the wrong surgery, operating on the wrong body part.

  • Birth Injuries – Common preventable injuries experienced by babies during the birthing process include: significant swelling of soft tissue of the scalp (caput succedaneum), bruising or marks from forceps, brachial palsy and shoulder dystocia, acquired brain injuries, spinal cord damage, fractures.
  • Medication Errors – When medication is prescribed or administered incorrectly (including dossage, type of medicine, duration or method of delivery) it can cause lasting damage or death to a patient.
  • Misdiagnosis – If there is negligence during the diagnostic process, including testing errors, failure to perform necessary tests, or delayed diagnosis, a patient may experience serious injury or death.

Do You Need A Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

Howie, Sacks and Henry medical malpractice lawyers can help when you or a loved one has been hurt by negligent medical care. Our team of compassionate and caring lawyers has extensive experience helping people with serious injuries from medical malpractice make a case for compensation and damages. We are always ready to meet with you in your home or at our Sudbury consultation office to listen to your story and explain the legal remedies available to you.

Medical malpractice is often not caused by just a single error by a single medical professional; rather, it can be caused by a breakdown in standard care practices across multiple points at a facility. HSH Sudbury medical malpractice lawyers have the expertise to handle cases involving complex health issues and injuries. You can also be sure that you will never be just a case or file to us – we will always treat you with the respect, attention and care you need and deserve.

As you enter a hospital or medical facility, you put your health (and life) in the hands of professionals. When professional standards of care are not met and you are injured as a result, HSH Sudbury medical malpractice lawyers are here to be your legal advocates as you seek compensation for your injuries and to keep the medical system accountable to its patients.

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