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It’s the kind of story that fills you with hometown pride. A pharmacy assistant at a Peterborough Hospital noticed something was not quite right with an order of chemotherapy drugs on the first day the facility began using the medication from a new supplier. The labels on the old supply were different than on the new supply. As it turns out, the new supply was diluted with extra saline solution by as much as 20 percent.

Catching this error potentially saved lives for some of the 1,200 patients in two provinces who were being administered these drugs. Sadly, some patients had been receiving improper levels of medication for up to a year before the pharmacy assistant caught the error.

Medical Errors Do Happen

This story highlights how well-trained medical professionals give us confidence in our healthcare system while also revealing that errors and accidents can and do happen. Statistics suggest about 70,000 patients experience preventable, serious injuries in Canadian hospitals each year as a result of treatments. As many as 23,000 patients will die each year due to “adverse effects” in acute-care hospitals alone.

Types of Medical Malpractice

When negligence contributes to medical errors causing injuries during the course of a patient’s care it’s called medical malpractice. This malpractice can take the form of improper prescription or administration of medication (wrong dose, patient, form of delivery or medication), surgical errors (instruments left inside the body or improperly sanitized, nerve and tissue damage, surgery on the wrong person or body part), misdiagnosis (improper testing procedures and delayed diagnosis), or birth injuries (palsies and shoulder dystocia, scarring and marks, swelling or bleeding of soft tissue around the brain, lack of oxygen) among others. The results can be devastating – disability from acquired brain injuries, spinal cord damage, exposure to infectious disease or even death.

Peterborough Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Howie, Sacks and Henry’s medical malpractice lawyers are well known for our knowledge, experience, and strong track record in handling patient claims following preventable injuries in health care facilities. When standards of care practices are breached and you or a loved one sustain a serious injury, you are entitled to seek compensation and damages under the law for the pain and suffering you have experienced.

HSH medical malpractice lawyers are always available to meet with you in your home or at a local consultation office in Peterborough to discuss your story and nature of your injuries. At HSH, we believe that distance should never be an obstacle to accessing high quality legal representation and advocacy.

Reputation for Compassionate Service

HSH medical malpractice lawyers are proud of our reputation among our clients for our compassionate, caring and attentive service. Our empathy towards people who have suffered tremendous injury and suffering translates into strong determination to ensure insurance companies offer fair and just settlements to our clients. And we have no fear of facing off with them in the courtroom if they don’t because we know we build strong cases.

HSH medical malpractice lawyers will always treat you as a person first and do our utmost to help you as you take steps down the road to recovery. You can trust and have confidence in HSH’s team as your legal advocates and representatives.

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