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Making an error in the course of delivery of care is a risk all medical professionals and practitioners must think about in the course of their practices. But stakes can be higher in some branches of medicine than others – and the stakes are highest in obstetrics.

Sadly, some medical mistakes can result in the death of the newborn or mother. And if the injured patient survives, a serious, permanent disability will have long-term consequences for a victim’s quality of life and potential for financial security. “Surviving is significantly more expensive than dying,” explains the chair of a school of medicine.

Research suggests 1 in every 18 patients in a hospital or acute care facility in Canada will experience a serious, preventable adverse event during the course of their stay. These adverse events contribute to tens of thousands of deaths each year and end in significant injury for many others.

Medical Errors and Malpractice

Mistakes and accidents can and do happen. But if the standards of care are breached due to negligence, it’s called medical malpractice. This complex area of law covers incidents involving surgical errors (surgical objects left in the body, wrong surgery, or surgery on the wrong body part or patient), medication errors (wrong dose or improper administration), delayed or misdiagnosis (improper testing) and errors during birthing procedures.

Ontario’s College of Physicians and Surgeons can take disciplinary action against practitioners who are found to have been negligent. For example, some OBGYNs in Ontario, including Oshawa, are no longer permitted to participate in deliveries due to past errors.

If you or a loved one has been injured, knowing the negligent medical practitioner or facility has been disciplined for their actions may give you a partial sense of justice, but it will not compensate for the pain, suffering and losses you have experienced.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Howie, Sacks and Henry’s medical malpractice lawyers can help you obtain the financial resources you need to begin to put your life back together after a tragic medical incident. Our compassionate and attentive team has expertise to handle complex medical issues and conditions.

When medical negligence causes or contributes to a preventable acquired brain injury, spinal cord and nerve damage, birth injury (brachial palsy, shoulder dystocia, fractures and scarring) or other serious injury or death, you can count on our experienced team to be your legal advisors and advocates. HSH’s medical malpractice lawyers will be pleased to meet with you in your home or at a nearby consultation office in Oshawa to listen to your story and explain how you can proceed with a claim.

Compassionate Care

HSH’s medical malpractice lawyers know that you more than just a case – you are a person deserving the utmost understanding, compassion and care. Our reputation among our clients and colleagues has helped to make us one of the top ranked personal injury firms in Canada. You can be confident that with the HSH team you will have support, encouragement, and excellent legal representation and advocacy on your road to recovery.

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