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North Bay is now host to the birth home of five of the most famous babies in Canadian history. The Dionne Quintuplets gained worldwide fame when they were born prematurely on May 28, 1934 in nearby Corbeil, Ontario, and miraculously survived.

While no other birth in the North Bay area is likely to ever generate as much fawning attention, the excitement and joy when a newborn takes its first breath is a special moment for the baby and mother’s immediate family and friends. Sadly, sometimes this moment turns to sadness if there is a problematic birth. And if a birth injury was preventable, that sadness can turn to anger.

Birth Injuries and Other Kinds of Medical Malpractice

When medical professionals or facilities breach standards due to negligence resulting in serious injuries or death, it’s called medical malpractice. These incidents are part of the estimated 138,000 preventable adverse events that take place in Canadian hospitals every year. About 1 in 18 hospital patients will be subject to these incidents and North Bay residents are not immune to these tragedies.

Common birth injuries caused by medical malpractice include: acquired brain injuries, spinal cord damage, bone fractures, and brachial palsy and shoulder dystocia. These birth injuries can cause lifelong disability or even death.

Other forms of medical malpractice include: medication errors (incorrect doses, administration, or given to the wrong patient), misdiagnosis (improper testing, delayed diagnosis), and surgical errors (foreign surgical objects left in the body cavity, operating on the wrong site or wrong patient surgery).

Help When You’re Hurt

Learning that you or a loved one have been injured or killed due to another person’s negligence can cause tremendous sadness, confusion, and anger. Thinking of the resources you will need to manage disabilities or cope with losses and the process to access them can be overwhelming.

Howie, Sacks and Henry’s medical malpractice lawyers are here to provide compassionate and empathetic care for you as explore your legal options and rights. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced lawyers can help you make a claim for compensation and damages for the pain, suffering and losses you’ve experienced due to the negligent actions of others.

HSH’s medical malpractice lawyers are ready to meet with you in your own home or at our nearby consultation office in North Bay. We believe that distance should never be an obstacle to high quality legal representation. As your advocate, we will never think of you as just a case file. You will always be treated with the dignity, respect and care you desire and deserve.

Complex Medical Issues

Our lawyers have expertise and experience handling complex medical issues and conditions. We do our homework and bring forward compelling and persuasive evidence to help you achieve a fair and just settlement offer. And insurance companies know our reputation – we have no fear about proceeding to court if their offer doesn’t satisfy your needs for compensation and continuing care.

If you or a loved one has experienced a birth injury, brain trauma, spinal cord or nerve damage or other serious injury while under medical care, trust the team at HSH to be at your side on the road to recovery.

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