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Long wait times in emergency rooms can be immensely frustrating. Almost everyone will have heard a story from a friend, family member or loved one who spent hours in the emergency department waiting to be seen. London’s ERs are considered to be some of Ontario’s busiest; therefore, when news emerged that a new technology being implemented might slow the flow of patients it’s understandable that both doctors and patients were concerned.

Why introduce a new technology that might actually slow things down? To save prevent serious injuries and save lives. London area hospitals began using a system where patient prescriptions would have to be typed up on a computer instead of written on a script. Patients and medications would each get barcodes and an alarm would trigger if the wrong medical was about to be administered to a patient. In one local hospital where the new system was introduced, medication errors were reduced by 80 percent.

Adverse Events and Medical Malpractice

Medication errors (incorrect dosage, medication, administration) can lead to what the healthcare community calls “adverse events.” It’s estimated that one in every 13 patients will experience an adverse event during their stay in a acute care facility that results in serious injury, and 40 percent of these events are preventable. If standards of care are breached due to negligence and a preventable “adverse event” occurs that causes serious harm to a patient, it’s called medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice is often the result of more than just one error or mistake by a medical practitioner – rather, it is frequently caused by a breakdown of standards of care across multiple points in a facility. Systems and technology to reduce errors, such as the electronic prescription system introduced in London, can reduce the likelihood that “adverse events” will occur, but sadly no community or medical facility is completely immune to them.

Other types of medical malpractice include: surgical errors (operating on the wrong patient, wrong body part or performing the wrong type of surgery, leaving instruments in the body, improper sanitary practices), birth injuries (brachial palsy and shoulder dystocia, marks or scarring, poor execution of the birthing procedure leading to brain or body trauma), and misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis.

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If you or a loved one has sustained a serious injury (acquired brain injury, spinal cord or nerve damage, serious infection or illness) due to medical malpractice, Howie, Sack, and Henry’s London team can help. Our trusted medical malpractice lawyers have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help advise and advocate on your behalf in this complex area of law.

HSH’s medical malpractice lawyers can arrange to meet with you in your home or at a nearby consultation office in London to listen to your story and discuss your options. Our reputation for caring and compassionate service for our clients means we work hard to ensure you will never feel as though you’re just a case to us. We endeavour to give you the respect, attentiveness, and empathy you deserve and desire.

HSH’s medical malpractice lawyers build strong cases, and insurance companies are well aware that if they don’t offer a fair and just settlement to meet your needs, they will see us in court. You can have confidence in HSH’s team of personal injury lawyers. As your trusted legal representatives, when we join your support team we will work together to access compensation and damages for your losses and the financial resources you need to aid in your recovery.

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