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It’s the kind of medical error that occurs all-to-frequently but is rarely brought to the public’s attention. An 85-year-old man brought to a Kitchener-Waterloo area hospital for a suspected bowel obstruction was prescribed an opioid for pain. The medication, which was supposed to be administered subcutaneously, was given intravenously instead, changing its potency. The patient’s breathing became depressed, he developed pneumonia and died a day later.

This patient’s story was made public by his family, who was concerned that the hospital and attending doctor had not been forthcoming about their role in the error. But he is one of almost 23,000 Canadians who die each year from preventable adverse events in acute care facilities and hospitals. An estimated 70,000 Canadians sustain serious and potentially debilitating injuries from these types of events.

More Than Just An Accident

Everyone knows that human beings make mistakes. Even highly trained medical professionals may err when providing care. But when standards of care are breached due to a medical practitioner’s or medical facility’s negligence and a patient suffers serious harm, it’s called medical malpractice.

This complex area of law covers many types incidents and adverse events, including:

  • Major forms of medical malpractice include:
  • Medication Errors – Incorrect prescription or administration of medication (dose, type, duration or method of delivery).
  • Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis – Failure to conduct the proper tests or errors during the testing process can lead to incorrect or untimely diagnoses.
  • Surgical Errors – Operating on the wrong patient or body part, performing the wrong surgery, poor technique or sanitary conditions causing infection or injury, leaving foreign objects in the body cavity.
  • Birth Injuries – Cerebral palsy, brachial palsy and shoulder dystocia, perinatal asphyxia, bone fractures, spinal cord damage, acquired brain injuries and scarring are common preventable injuries during birth procedures

When You’ve Been Hurt And Need Help In Kitchener-Waterloo

Learning that the death of a loved one was preventable, or that a debilitating injury cause by another person’s negligence will cause permanent disability, is incredibly distressing. You may be feeling angry, sad, or in shock as you contemplate life without a loved one or a life with pain or altered abilities.

Howie, Sacks and Henry’s medical malpractice lawyers can help you to make sense of what happened and assist you as you put your life back together. Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys will gladly meet with you in your home or at a nearby consultation office in Kitchener-Waterloo to discuss how you can make a claim for compensation and damages for your pain, suffering and losses.

HSH’s team has earned a sterling reputation among our colleagues and insurance providers in the personal injury field for our expertise and skill in building strong cases. They know that we are dedicated and determined advocates for our clients who do our utmost to negotiate a fair and just settlement. And insurance companies have learned that HSH’s medical malpractice lawyers aren’t afraid to meet them in court if we feel their offer doesn’t meet our clients’ needs.

To HSH, you are more than just another case. You are a person deserving respect, dignity and compassion during this difficult period in your life. Entrust us to represent you and we will endeavour to be a valued part of your team determined to support you on your road to recovery.

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