Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Diligent business owners in Ontario and nationwide protect themselves with various types of insurance to safeguard their business in the event something goes wrong that could negatively impact operations.

Business interruption insurance is often obtained to protect against various potential events, such as property damage, that could result in a business loss. There is a wide range of businesses that could be eligible – from restaurants, coffee shops and bars, to florists and travel agents, to doctor and dentist offices.

In short, this insurance is designed to help protect you by covering your business’ lost income and/or lost business expenses during a time when you have to temporarily close your doors.

Is Your Business Insured for an Interruption in Operations?

In many cases, business interruption insurance is designed to protect you if your operations are affected by damage to property.

This could mean that, depending on the wording of the conditions in your policy, you may or may not be protected for circumstances such as government mandated business shut downs due to the Coronavirus (similar to those enforced during the COVID-19 pandemic), or as a result of shut downs due to employees infected with COVID-19 and a resulting “contamination” of the premises.

In order to determine whether your business interruption claim has been wrongfully denied, you need to work with a business interruption insurance claims lawyer who is exceptionally well versed in reviewing detailed insurance policies and who can identify the best course of action for getting your claim approved or resolved.

The lawyers at Howie, Sacks & Henry are well positioned to deal with business interruption loss as a result of closures due to property damage, or extenuating circumstances like COVID-19, as we are a recognized leader in the field of insurance disputes and of ensuring your insurance provider is held accountable for covering your business losses.

You paid for your policy.

Now it’s time for your insurer to honour it.

Brokers Negligence Claims: Were you properly advised on the right coverage for your business?

As certified professionals with specialized knowledge and qualifications, your insurance broker has an obligation to not only inform you of your options with your insurance policy, but to also anticipate the needs for your insurance coverage.

Brokers who fail to recommend a policy for you that will adequately cover your businesses for known potential risks, such as pandemic coverage, could be liable for losses you have suffered as a result of your business interruption due to COVID-19.

If you have found yourself without adequate business interruption loss coverage and suspect this could be due to Broker negligence, you need a brokers negligence lawyer who can advance your case.

Brad Moscato

For questions related to Business Interruption Claims, please contact Brad Moscato, HSH Partner, and Past Chair of the LTD Section, Ontario Trial Lawyers Association.  Brad is also Certified as Specialist in Civil Litigation by the Law Society.

D. Joel Dick

For questions related to Brokers Negligence, please contact D. Joel Dick, HSH Partner and Certified Specialist in Civil Litigation by the Law Society.

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