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The people of Thunder Bay have spoken and they have said that they are generally satisfied or very satisfied with their lives. Ninety percent of respondents in Statistics Canada’s community health indicator profile express this level of satisfaction. Of course, this does not mean that people in the community don’t struggle on occasion either.

Among people 15 years of age or older in Thunder Bay, 21% report feeling quite a lot of stress. Between 17-19% of people report moderate or severe pain or discomfort that prevents them from doing certain activities. With about 10% reporting a mood disorder, about 7% of people in the Thunder Bay area describe their mental health as fair or poor.

When chronic pain (fibromyalgia), mood and anxiety disorders, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder caused by workplace sexual assault or harassment prevent a person from working for extended periods of time, they may be eligible to claim short-term or long-term disability benefits.

How Disability Benefits Help

Employees make use of regular sick days for absences from an illness. But if a person has a health condition that requires a longer period of time for treatment and healing, they may qualify for disability benefits under their employer’s or their own insurance policy. These policies normally cover a portion (or occasionally all) of an employee’s regular earnings and additional health care benefits during absences of up to 15 weeks to a year (short-term disability benefits) or longer (long-term disability benefits).

Usually a person’s medical practitioner while provide reports about the nature of an illness and treatment options during short-term leaves. Insurance providers generally require more extensive applications, independent evaluations and additional tests before qualifying a person for long-term benefits.

If You’re Denied Benefits, Contact Us

Sometimes insurance providers deny benefits to people who truly need and deserve them. Common reasons for a denial include an insurer’s assessment that a person is not disabled, not sufficiently disabled to receive benefits, or misrepresentations about the nature of the illness or disability were made on the application.

Knowing that you are unable to return to work and learning that an insurance provider’s decision will stop the financial assistance you are receiving can be devastating. Fortunately, a denial of benefits can be challenged. Howie, Sacks and Henry’s disability and critical illness lawyers can help you appeal this unfair decision in Thunder Bay.

Our skilled team has the expertise and experience you’ll need to launch an appeal. HSH disability and critical illness lawyers will be glad to meet with you at your home in the Thunder Bay area or at a local consultation office to discuss your legal options and how we can help you build a case. We believe distance and long-travel times should never be an obstacle to accessing high quality legal representation.

The HSH team has earned a strong reputation among our clients for our efforts to approach our discussions with compassion, care, and empathy for the difficult period they are experiencing. Yet we are also known as strong and effective negotiators when dealing with insurance providers. They know we have no fear about going to court with our well-prepared cases if they don’t make fair and just settlement offers.

If you’re ill and unable to work in Thunder Bay and you’ve been unfairly denied disability benefits, let an HSH lawyer become your trusted legal advocate, advisor and supporter as you seek the resources you need and deserve to assist in your recovery.

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