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Every work day as you open and start to think about what kind of day lays ahead of you, try to imagine you’re about to roll the dice at Windsor’s casino. A good day, and it’s lucky sevens. A bad day, and it’s snake eyes.

For people with debilitating conditions such as chronic pain (fibromyalgia), mood or anxiety disorders, depression, or post-traumatic stress from workplace sexual harassment or assault, snakes eyes seem to come up a lot more often than is fair. Symptoms from these conditions can include disrupted sleep patterns, the feeling of a brain fog, and significant pain that make holding regular employment very difficult and sometimes impossible.

Short-Term And Long-Term Disability Benefits

Fortunately, employees with group insurance plans (self-paid or employer-paid premiums) are able to take an extended time off work to recover and seek treatment for critical illness and disabling conditions. The benefits generally provide all (or more often a portion) of your regular earnings and additional health care benefits. Unfortunately, insurance providers sometimes deny deserving applicants the benefits they need.

If you are too ill to work and regular sick days are not sufficient to cover your absence, you can apply for short-term disability benefits for period of up to 15 weeks to a year. Usually during this time your medical practitioner will need to report on your treatment and prospects of returning to work. If you are still too sick or disabled to return to work after this period, you may apply for long-term disability (LTD). Insurers typically require LTD applicants to undertake additional independent medical testing and evaluations and they may even put an applicant under surveillance to monitor their actions and assess their level of ability.

Benefits Denials Can Be Challenged

Disability benefits claims can be denied if an insurer believes an applicant is not disabled, not sufficiently disabled, or misrepresented their condition on an application form. Losing access to the financial resources you need during your illness can be terrifying – especially if trying to return to work could worsen your symptoms or hurt your health and well-being.

Howie, Sacks and Henry’s disability and critical illness lawyers can help you in Windsor if you’re claim for benefits has been denied. Our team’s expertise in handling files involving complex medical conditions is widely known. Insurers are well aware that an HSH lawyer prepares court-ready cases for our clients and if they don’t make a fair a just settlement offer that meets our client’s needs they will be meeting us in front of a judge.

HSH disability and critical illness lawyers care deeply about helping our clients through such a difficult and stressful time in their lives. We will always treat you with the compassion, empathy and respect you deserve as we listen to your story, advise you of your legal options, and assist in managing your testing and therapy.

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