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Every week, at least 500,000 Canadians will miss work due to mental health concerns, and one in five Canadians will experience an issue related to mental health over the course of their lifetime.  Mental health issues are the leading cause of short-term and long-term disability, and Sudburians are not immune to these health concerns.

Yet, the often ‘invisible’ nature of this type of disability can make it difficult to comprehend how widespread these issues can be. A person’s absence from work might be the only noticeable aspect of their illness among their employers and colleagues as many people with anxiety disorders, depression, or other mood disorders suffer in silence and hide the extent of their challenges.

When Disability Is Difficult To See

Mental health concerns can manifest many types of symptoms, including: numbness, sadness, anger, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive feelings, insomnia or excessive sleeping, difficulty concentrating, avoiding certain places or situations, and many other physical symptoms. People who experience these symptoms may find their regular work responsibilities impossible to maintain, or they may to take significant periods of time off to manage their symptoms in consultations with medical professionals.

Many health insurance plans, funded either by employers or through individual premiums, provide short-term and long-term benefits that cover all, or more likely a portion, of an employee’s salary and health benefits during a period of extended absence due to mental health conditions. These benefits are often also available to people with other conditions such as fibromyalgia or trauma from sexual assault or harassment that occurred while on the job.

Short-term benefits often last for up to 15 weeks to a year and usually require reports from an employee’s regular medical practitioner. Long-term disability benefits can begin after this period, but usually requires additional applications, medical evaluations and independent assessments arranged by the insurer.

Denying A Claim Doesn’t Mean A Person Is Not Disabled

Sadly, insurance companies can deny benefits to claimants who truly need them if their review determines a person is not disabled at all or sufficiently disabled to qualify, or if applicants misrepresented themselves or their conditions. For a person experiencing acute mental health issues, the application process and potential denials can be especially difficult. Sometimes doctor-ordered treatment for conditions like depression, which include increased physical activity or socializing, can actually be cited by insurance claim investigators as reasons for doubting the extent of a disability.

If you’ve been denied disability benefits you need to help you take the time you need to treat your condition, Howie, Sacks and Henry’s disability and critical illness lawyers can help you in Sudbury. Our knowledgeable and trusted team has extensive experience dealing with insurance companies who have unjustly denied these types of claims. We have the expertise to help you make a strong case for accessing these benefits and are not afraid to go to court if your insurance provider does not provide a fair and just settlement offer.

HSH’s disability and critical illness lawyers are proud of our reputation among our current and former clients for offering caring, compassion and empathy as we serve them. We understand how stressful and overwhelming the disability claims process can be, and we are honoured to act as your advocate and support you during this difficult period.

HSH’s disability and critical illness lawyers are available to meet you in your own home or at a local consultation office in Sudbury. We believe distance should never be an obstacle to high quality legal representation.

The nature of your disability may make the extent of your suffering difficult to see, but with HSH’s disability and critical illness lawyers advocating on your behalf in Sudbury, we will work together to show your insurance provider that your claim is valid and that you need and deserve disability benefits.

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