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It’s very common for people dealing with mental illness to feel alone and that no one else is feeling the way they do. Despite the enormous success of campaigns to destigmatize mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and mood disorders, many people experiencing acute symptoms don’t feel comfortable enough to share what they are going through with their friends, families, co-workers or employers.

Yet with half a million Canadian workers missing work every day due to mental health problems, it’s clear people with a mental illness are most definitely not alone. They share the debilitating effects of these conditions with so many others in their communities. And Stratford is no exception.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability

If an employee’s mental health prevents them from working, they may qualify for paid short-term and long-term leaves while they seek treatment. Other conditions that may prompt a person to take this kind of leave include chronic pain (fibromyalgia) and post-traumatic stress disorder from workplace harassment or assaults. When regular sick days are used up, employees with private insurance plans (with premiums paid for by the employer or through their own contributions) can seek short-term disability leaves for period of up to 15 weeks to a year.

While on these leave, employees are usually able to receive some or all of their regular earnings and additional health benefits. A medical practitioner’s reports outlining the nature of the medical issue and treatment options or plans are usually sufficient to obtain short-term disability benefits.

If there is little likelihood that a short-term disability benefits recipient will be able to return to the job by the end of this leave, employees may apply for long-term disability benefits. Insurers generally require additional independent testing and assessments as a part of this application process.

If You Are Denied Benefits, We Can Help

Although employers and insurance providers spend $8.5 billion in long-term disability claims related to mental illness each year, sometimes legitimate claims are rejected. An insurer may deem an applicant to be: 1) not disabled, 2) not sufficiently disabled, or 3) misrepresenting the nature of their illness or disability on an application.

Being cut-off from much needed income and health benefits when you’re in no condition to return to work can be terrifying. You may wonder how you will support yourself and your family and the stress from this situation can even worsen the very medical condition that is keeping you from working.

Howie, Sacks and Henry’s trusted critical illness and disability lawyers can help you launch an appeal in Stratford if your disability benefits claim is denied. Our experienced and knowledgeable team has the expertise needed to take on complex and challenging cases. By facilitating tests and reviews by medical experts, our lawyers can ensure you bring a strong case forward for consideration. And if an insurer doesn’t make a fair settlement offer, we won’t hesitate to take our cases to court.

Our Disability Lawyers Serve The Stratford Area

HSH critical illness and disability lawyers are pleased to arrange visits to your home in Stratford or at a nearby consultation office, so you’ll never need to worry about distance being a barrier to high quality legal representation.

The HSH team understands how challenging it can be to focus on your mental health when the appeals process is taking place. As your legal advocates, we always treat you with the compassion, care and respect you deserve and ensure you know that with an HSH critical illness and disability lawyers by your side and one your side, you are never alone.

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