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You struggle to open your eyes in the morning; your head is pounding; and you feel as though your throat has been replaced by sandpaper. If you’ve lived through a Peterborough winter, this state of being probably sounds familiar. The common cold or flu may knock you out of commission for a few days. But if you’re able to call your employer to tell them you’ll be taking a few ‘sick days’ to rest and recover, odds are you’ll be back at work in no time.

Unfortunately, an illness may require more time and treatment before recovery is possible. And sometimes a person experiencing a critical illness or disability may not be able to return to their job for months, years, or ever. When an employee needs more time off for medical reasons than regular sick days will cover, they may be able to take an extended leave and access short-term and long-term disability benefits.

Disability Benefits: The Short And The Long Of It

If you have coverage under an insurance policy (paid for by your employer or by yourself) short-term disability benefits often provide a portion (or all) of your usual earnings and health benefits for a period of up to 15 weeks to a year when you are too ill to work. Generally regular reports from your medical practitioner on your treatment and progress recovering are needed.

When an employee nears the end of short-term disability benefits periods and there does not appear to be an immediate likelihood they can return to work, they can apply for long-term disability benefits. Insurance providers will usually require more extensive applications, evaluations and testing during the approvals process.

Sometimes a person’s disability is clearly visible or verifiable. But other illness may have less visible symptoms or cause pain that is more difficult or impossible to objectively measure. The debilitating symptoms of conditions such as mood and anxiety disorders, depression and depressive states, chronic pain (fibromyalgia), and post-traumatic stress disorder from workplace sexual assault or harassment might be disputed by an insurer.

The Is Hope After A Denial

When insurance providers deny you benefits because they have concluded you are not disabled, not sufficiently disabled to qualify, or misrepresented your health on an application, you may be shocked, distraught or unsure about what you can do. Howie, Sacks and Henry’s disability and critical illness lawyers can help with your appeal in Peterborough.

HSH has long been recognized as one of top personal injury firms in Canada by our peers, stakeholders and clients. We have earned a reputation for our expertise, preparedness in the courtroom and the compassion and care with which we serve our clients.

HSH disability and critical illness lawyers are pleased to meet you in your own home in the Peterborough area or at a nearby consultation office to discuss the nature of your illness and what kind of evidence and expert evaluations may be needed to prepare an effective appeal. As your trusted advocates, we will be there to support you during your recovery by building a strong case that encourages your insurance provider to settle. Members of insurance industry know we come prepared with cases that are ready to be tested in court if our clients don’t obtain an offer that is fair, just and provides for our clients needs.

If you have been unfairly denied the disability benefits you need and deserve in the Peterborough area, HSH is ready to work with you.

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