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One in six people living in the Oshawa area report experiencing moderate or severe pain or discomfort that prevents them from doing certain activities. Of course, how pain affects your life can vary widely. Having pain that prevents you from running a marathon may be frustrating if you’re an avid runner, but having pain that prevents you from going to work every day and earning an income to support your family can be devastating.

People who experience chronic pain (fibromyalgia) may have many symptoms that can make performing their normal duties at work virtually impossible. Whether it’s full body aches, sharp pain, fatigue or problems with cognition (brain fog), the condition can be tremendously debilitating. Fortunately, chronic pain sufferers who have group insurance policies (through their employer or that they have purchased themselves) may qualify for compensation if they have to take a leave from work to treat or manage their condition.

Short-Term or Long-Term Disability Benefits

Many insurance plans provide some or all of an employees regular earnings and additional health benefits if they must take time away from work to deal with a medical condition beyond what a normal sick day policies permit. Usually a medical practitioner’s reports are required to access short-term benefits for periods of up to 15 weeks to a year.

If it is doubtful an employee’s ongoing medical condition will allow them to transition back to work at the end of this period, they may start the process of applying for long-term disability benefits. It can be more difficult to qualify for these benefits as insurance providers typically require independent medical examinations and assessments or additional testing. Applications can be denied if an employee is believed to be not disabled, to be not sufficiently disabled, or to have misrepresented that nature and extent of their illness.

Insurance providers may cite surveillance reports of applicants with conditions such as depression, mood and anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress from workplace sexual harassment of assault, and chronic pain to dispute the debilitating nature of these ‘invisible disabilities.’

Appealing A Denial

If you’re application for disability benefits in Oshawa has been unfairly rejected, Howie, Sacks and Henry’s disability and critical illness lawyers are ready to help. Our knowledgeable and skilled team has the expertise and experience needed to contest benefits denials of applicants with complex medical conditions.

HSH lawyers have developed a strong reputation among insurers for putting together cases that are court-ready if settlement talks don’t result in offers that meet our clients’ needs. We compile all the necessary information, evidence and expert assessments needed to make an appeal more likely to be granted.

HSH disability and critical illness lawyers understand how stressful it can be for people with significant illnesses to contemplate participating in a legal challenge. As your trusted advocates and supporters, we approach our interactions with you with compassion, care, and respect. We never want you to think you are just a case to us.

When you’ve been denied disability benefits in Oshawa, entrust the disability and critical illness lawyers at HSH to help with your appeal. Together, we will work to show your insurance provider that they made the wrong decision.

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