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If you live in Leamington, or another part of the Windsor-Essex County area, and you are experiencing chronic pain symptoms, you may have heard of a support group for chronic-pain sufferers offered by a local hospice. Although this particular group especially focuses on palliative care patients at its facility, the way it addresses the concerns and feelings of people with chronic pain will probably sound very familiar to you.

The group provides a safe and supportive space where chronic pain sufferers don’t have to hear from people who say their condition is all in their head, or from others who keep asking if they feel better yet. If you’re a chronic pain sufferer who has been through the short-term or long-term disability claims process, you may have heard these kinds of statements all too often before.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability

If chronic pain (fibromyalgia) or another serious condition such as mood disorders, depression, anxiety disorders or sexual harassment or assault in the workplace is preventing you from being able to work for periods of time, you may qualify for disability benefits under your employer’s or your own insurance policy.

Short-term disability benefits usually last for periods of up to 15 weeks to a year and require reports from your medical practitioner. These benefits provide a portion (70% average) or occasionally all of your regular earnings and additional health care benefits while you take time to recover. If your prospects for recovery will take longer than this period or a return to work does not look to be possible, you may apply for long-term disability benefits. Generally, an insurance company will require additional assessments, evaluations and testing. Sometimes the insurance company will even conduct surveillance on an applicant when assessing a claim.

When Benefits Are Denied

When the nature of your disability isn’t always visible or the level of disability can be subjective, insurance companies may deny your claim. Reasons for a denial can include determinations that an applicant is not disabled, not sufficiently disabled to entitle them to benefits, or that they misrepresented their medical conditions.

Learning you’ve been denied financial assistance when your disability continues to prevent you from working can be very distressing. But there is hope. Howie, Sacks and Henry’s disability and critical illness lawyers can help you to file an appeal when you believe you’ve been unfairly denied your benefits in Leamington.

Our team of skilled and knowledge lawyers has the expertise needed to handle complex cases and medical conditions. We can review your applications and medical files to determine if there are ways to convince the insurance provider they have come to the wrong conclusion. And we are prepared to go to court if they don’t offer a settlement that we believe meets your ongoing needs.

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