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Is seeing believing? When a person has a physical disability, there is often no way for them to disguise their pain or loss of function. But if a person is experiencing the effects of a mental illness or disorder, their outward appearance may give little indication of their internal anguish. Their work colleagues may not notice that anything is the matter until they do notice their absence.

Every week, mental health concerns keep 500,000 or more Canadians home from work. For some, a day or two of rest will help them to recover and rebalance themselves. But for others, an extended period of time away from work is necessary to find effective treatment to manage their symptoms. And some mental health conditions may prevent a person from ever being able to do the kind of job they held before their illness.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability

If you live in Brampton and have a group benefits plan through your employer or have paid into an insurance policy on your own, you may qualify for disability benefits during a short-term or long-term leave. Short-term disability (for periods of up to 15 weeks to a year) and long-term disability benefits provide some or all of your regular employment income and additional health care benefits while you’re away from your job.

Short-term leaves usually only requires reports from your medical practitioner on your prognosis and treatment. If a person is unable to return to work after this period, an insurance provider typically requires additional applications, independent testing and evaluations, and assessments before granting long-term disability benefits.

Disability Benefits Denied

Unfortunately, some insurance providers unfairly deny applicants access to these benefits if they don’t believe they are disabled or sufficiently disabled to qualify, or if they suspect they misrepresented their illness on an application. Applicants with ‘invisible disabilities’ such as mood or anxiety disorders, depression, chronic pain (fibromyalgia) or post-traumatic stress from workplace sexual assault or harassment may discover their insurance provider does not believe the debilitating extent of their condition.

What they can’t see, can hurt you and prevent you from doing your job, however. Discovering that you won’t receive the financial resources you need while you’re too ill to work can be extremely distressing, and may even aggravate your the effects condition further.

Howie, Sacks and Henry’s disability and critical illness lawyers are here to help if you’ve been denied disability benefits in Brampton. With a reputation for empathy, care and compassion when serving our clients, HSH provides the legal advocacy and support you need when you are feeling vulnerable and powerless after a denial.

HSH disability and critical illness lawyers are able to travel to home in Brampton to discuss your disability claim. We can also arrange to meet at a nearby consultation office. Distance and difficulty travelling should never prevent you from being able to benefit from high quality legal representation.

Our experienced team of lawyers has the knowledge, skill and expertise to develop strong cases that encourage insurance providers to offer fair and just settlements. And if we believe those offers don’t meet your needs, we are always prepared to go to court on your behalf.

The debilitating pain you experience with an ‘invisible disability’ may not be something the world can easily see, but with HSH lawyers on your side in Brampton, we’ll do our utmost to build a strong and believable case that will give you another opportunity to access the disability benefits you deserve.

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