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Have you ever felt your heart start racing when someone has given you a good scare? When our bodies experience stress it can activate our fight-or-flight response and produce hormones such as adrenaline that speed up our heart rate. Many factors, ranging from strenuous exercise, to excessive caffeine intake, to serious heart conditions or illness, can cause a spike in our heart rates above a normal range (tachycardia). While some of these factors may not be a cause for concern, others necessitate prompt action to prevent long-term damage. This is especially true for the most vulnerable among us.

A fetus that develops fetal tachycardia can be at significant risk for birth injury causing permanent disability. Obstetricians and medical teams attending to a delivery understand that this condition can be a sign of fetal distress caused by insufficient oxygen, maternal infection, or a side-effect of medications used to treat maternal health, among other issues.

Unfortunately, sometimes the standards of obstetrical practice are breached due to negligence. Fetal tachycardias may remain undiagnosed, improperly monitored, or ignored. It is only post-birth that a new mother will notice that something is terribly wrong with her child and start question why.

Common Types of Birth Injuries

Birth injuries caused by obstetrical malpractice (negligence causing harm) can occur at any point during a pregnancy or during or immediately following labour and delivery. They can include delayed or misdiagnosis of fetal tachycardias or placental insufficiency (a lack of oxygen and nutrients passed through the placenta to the fetus), poor management of maternal health causing injuries to the fetus, improper birthing practices and procedures which cause trauma and physical harm to the newborn or.

The result of negligent actions or inaction can lead to profound injuries, including:

  • Brain damage from perinatal asphyxia, anoxia or hypoxia (oxygen deprivation), trauma during delivery, or poor post-birth monitoring
  • Spinal cord or nerve damage and brachial palsies caused by shoulder dystocia (the baby’s shoulders are lodged behind the mother’s pelvic bone) or undiagnosed or untreated fetal/maternal conditions during pregnancy
  • Broken bones or scarring caused by forceful extractions and medical tools.
  • Infection from untreated meconium aspiration (fecal matter in the baby’s lungs) due to lengthy labour or other trauma during birth.

When You Learn Your Child is Hurt, We’re Here To Help

Welcoming a new life into the world should be a time of great excitement and joy, but for the loved ones of infants and mothers who suffer serious birth injuries and accompanying disabilities, this can be a time of intense sadness, anger and disbelief. It can be especially stressful to think about all the resources you or your child will need to recover or to manage their disabilities in a way that ensures they have a good quality of life.

Howie, Sacks and Henry’s birth injury lawyers are available to help you seek the resources you need and deserve in Oakville when a medical provider’s negligence has caused you harm. As one of Canada’s top personal injury firms, our lawyers have developed the expertise and skill to assist clients in navigating this challenging area of law – even when a case is complex.

HSH birth injury lawyers can arrange to meet you in your own home in Oakville or at a nearby consultation office as we discuss your options. We believe distance and the ability to travel should never be an obstacle to receiving high quality legal representation.

As we advise you and help to facilitate the assessments, tests and treatments to help you and/or your child, you can be confident that we will always endeavour to treat you with the respect, compassion and kindness you deserve. HSH birth injury lawyers understand how difficult and overwhelming the legal process can feel. We empathise with our clients and strive to ensure you know that you are never just a case to us.

If you or your loved one has experienced a birth injury from obstetrical malpractice, trust the team at HSH to be your advocates in Oakville. Together, we will work to get you the resources you need to move on from this tragic beginning and live for the better days ahead.

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