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The moment you learn you’re pregnant, much of your focus tends to be on the health of the fetus inside of you. Is it meeting growth benchmarks? Have any chromosomal abnormalities been discovered in standard screens? Is there evidence of fetal tachycardia (an abnormally high heart rate) that may signal fetal distress?

An important part of ensuring good fetal health is closely monitoring maternal health. Certain maternal medical conditions (or medications taken for an illness or chronic condition) can be harmful to the fetus if a medical practitioner fails to take action.

Several types of maternal infections can be detrimental to a fetus. Untreated bacterial infections (urinary tract infections, Group B strep), viral infections (chicken pox, rubella, Hepatitis B, syphilis) or parasitic infections (toxoplasmosis) may lead a variety of birth injuries, miscarriage or even stillbirth. Common birth injuries from these types of untreated infections include: cerebral palsy, hearing and vision loss, pneumonia, sepsis, neurological impairment, liver damage and fetal distress, among others.

Medical practitioners who are monitoring maternal health closely should check to see if a patient has existing immunity or determine if they require a vaccination as quickly as possible into the pregnancy, and treat these infections as soon as they are identified. If a medical provider’s negligence or inaction breaches standards of practice and causes serious harm to a pregnant woman, her fetus or newborn, it’s called obstetrical malpractice – and it can have a profound impact on a life.

Obstetrical Malpractice and Common Birth Injuries

A birth injury can occur at any time during a pregnancy, labour and delivery, or in the immediate postpartum period. While some birth injuries are unavoidable, a medical provider’s negligence or incompetence may cause or contribute to others. Some examples of obstetrical malpractice include:

  • failure to properly administer or analyze standard tests and screenings
  • faulty tests
  • misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of a serious medical condition
  • using improper force during a delivery or employing poor technique with extraction tools such as vacuums or forceps
  • inadequate post-birth monitoring

When negligent or incompetent actions/inaction occurs, it can lead to debilitating birth injuries, including:

  • brain damage (from perinatal asphyxia, hypoxia or anoxia, placental insufficiency, infection, birth trauma, or poor post-birth treatment of severe jaundice leading to kernicterus)
  • spinal cord injuries, nerve damage, or fractures (from undiagnosed conditions such as spina bifida, brachial palsies from shoulder dystocias, or excessive force during an extraction)
  • meconium aspiration syndrome (when a baby ingests amniotic fluid mixed with its first fecal matter)

We Can Help When You’re Hurt

A serious birth injury can turn a moment of joy into a time of sadness, anger and grief. A lapse in judgment, inattention or substandard care can lead to a lifetime of pain, suffering, disability and loss. If another person’s negligence or incompetence has hurt you or someone you love, you should know you are not alone.

Howie, Sacks and Henry’s birth injury lawyers are available to help with your obstetrical malpractice claim in Langley. Regarded as one of the country’s top personal injury firms, our knowledgeable and experienced birth injury lawyers have developed expertise in this complex area of law. We have the ability to take on even the most complicated cases.

With a reputation for being a client-centred firm, at HSH you will always be more than a file to us. In this difficult and overwhelming period of your life, we will bring compassion, respect and kindness to every interaction we have with you. An HSH birth injury lawyer can arrange to meet with you in your own home in the Langley area, or at a nearby consultation office. As we listen to your birth story with great empathy, we’ll explain your legal rights and options, offer advice, and answer any questions you may have about the process. The HSH team is also pleased to help facilitate any testing, evaluations or therapies you or your loved one need for both your case and your rehabilitation.

When an HSH birth injury lawyer becomes your trusted legal representative, you can be confident you’ll have staunch advocate on your side and by your side in Langley. While we can’t change the tragic events of the past, we can work diligently to bring you hope for a future. Together, we’ll make a claim for the financial resources you need and deserve to ensure a good quality of life for you and your loved one.

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