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When an expectant mother in Brantford thinks of her child’s life, she wonders what the future will hold. Will my child be happy? Will she find a career that gives her satisfaction? Will she have a special talent for art, or music, or sports, or academics? Few mothers ever want to contemplate that a serious tragic birth injury could forever alter the direction of their child’s life.

Yet obstetrical malpractice (when medical providers breach standards of care due to negligence before, during, or immediately after a birth causing serious harm) can result in permanent injuries such as cerebral palsy (CP) which may lead to lifelong disabilities or loss of function.

Cerebral Palsy and Other Common Birth Injuries

Cerebral palsy is a movement disorder caused by damage to an immature, developing brain. The main risk factors that can cause birth injury related CP include:

  • Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) – Insufficient oxygen flow to the brain (Perinatal hypoxia, anoxia or asphyxia) during pregnancy or at the time of birth can damage the motor cortex. Fetal tachycardia (abnormally high heart rate) can be evidence of fetal distress from lack of oxygen.
  • Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL) – Loss of brain tissue during pregnancy caused by the death of white matter affects a person’s ability to learn and function. Placental insufficiency (lack of oxygen and nutrients deliver to the fetus by the placenta) or infection can cause this condition.
  • Bleeding in the Brain – A fetal stroke, maternal infections of pelvic inflammatory disease, placenta complications and high blood pressure can lead to intracranial hemorrhage.
  • Abnormal development of the fetal brain – Infections or a traumatic injury to the infant’s head during birth can affect brain development.

While the symptoms of cerebral palsy vary, CP is the most common childhood disability. The condition can cause spasticity, rigidity, or ataxia in muscle reflexes, tremors or involuntary movements, difficulty reaching motor skill milestones, delays or difficulty with speaking, problems eating, sucking or swallowing, and seizures. CP-related brain abnormalities may also lead to other neurological issues such as intellectual disabilities, hearing and vision problems, and mental health conditions among others.

Birth injuries, including cerebral palsy, meconium aspiration (infant lungs ingest amniotic fluid and first fecal matter), shoulder dystocia and brachial palsies, spinal cord injuries, and other tissue and bone damage, are not always avoidable despite the best efforts and practices of attending medical staff.

However, sometimes a medical provider’s negligent actions or inaction may cause or contribute to a preventable adverse event during a pregnancy or birth that causes serious harm to a newborn or mother.

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If you or a loved one has been affected by obstetrical malpractice, Howie, Sacks and Henry’s birth injury lawyers are available to help you in Brantford. As one of Canada’s top personal injury firms, you can count on our team’s years of experience and dedication to building expertise in this area of law to give you high quality legal representation and advocacy as you seek compensation for your losses.

An HSH birth injury lawyer is able to visit you in your own home in Brantford or at a nearby consultation office to discuss your case. We believe that distance or ability to travel should never be an obstacle to obtaining the help you need. Our lawyers will explain your legal options, provide advice on how to proceed, and assist you in accessing rehabilitation resources, testing and expert evaluations to support your recovery and build your case.

As you tell us the tragic story that led to the birth injury, please know that we will always listen and treat you with empathy, compassion and understanding during this difficult time. When you choose HSH birth injury lawyers to represent you, rest assured we will do everything we can to demonstrate that you are more than just a file to us. We see you as a person who deserves respect, dignity and kindness during every interaction with us.

A tragic birth injury may alter the story of the life of someone near and dear to you. But with HSH birth injury lawyers on your side and by your side in Brantford, we will work together to secure the financial resources you and they need to achieve a better quality of life.

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