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Few moments are as special and magical as when you meet your newborn child. Your introduction to this new member of the family begins a series of firsts you expect to witness. His first words. The first time he sits up by himself. His first tentative and unsteady steps on his own. Sadly, when an infant suffers a serious birth injury that results in disability, some of these firsts may not happen.

Birth injuries can occur at any time during a pregnancy, labour or delivery. Some of these injuries are simply unavoidable despite the best efforts of everyone involved. As much as there is immense sadness following one of these injuries, there can be some comfort in learning that nothing anyone could have done or known would have changed the outcome.

However, if you discover that a medical provider’s negligent actions or inaction breached the standard of care owed to you and your child and caused them serious harm (obstetrical malpractice), it’s devastating.

Common Types of Birth Injuries

During a pregnancy and delivery, medical staff monitor the vital signs of mother and child and look for signs of abnormalities. Symptoms such as fetal tachycardia (abnormally high heart rate), for example, can be an indication of fetal distress caused by deficiency (hypoxia) or absence (anoxia) of oxygen, or deprivation (asphyxia) of oxygen for a period during birth long enough to cause physical damage, including most commonly brain damage.

In utero infection, placental insufficiency (damage to the placenta that prevents the fetus from receiving enough oxygen and nutrients), unmanaged maternal health issues, or undiagnosed fetal conditions such as spina bifida can also lead to damage to the brain or other vital tissues. In the most severe cases, these injuries may result in disorders such as cerebral palsy or permanent disabilities and loss of function

A prolonged or traumatic labour and delivery and other complications (shoulder dystocia, meconium aspiration) can also cause significant injuries to the brain, spinal cord or brachial plexus. For example, blunt force trauma by a physician or from extraction tools can bruise, tear, stretch or completely separate the spinal cord causing paralysis or loss of sensation.

We’re Here To Help When You’ve Been Hurt

A birth injury caused by the negligence of a medical provider can rob you and your newborn of many firsts. You may be sad, angry, or simply numb as you think of what you’ve lost due to the carelessness or incompetence of a practitioner. But there are actions you can take to be compensated for some of what has been taken from you and to ensure your child receives the care and support they need to have a good quality of life.

Howie, Sacks and Henry’s birth injury lawyers are ready to serve as your legal representatives and advocates in Brampton. Recognized by our peers as one of Canada’s top personal injury firms, our knowledgeable and experienced team has developed the skill and expertise necessary to be effective in this complex and challenging area of law.

HSH believes that distance or ability to travel should not be barriers to accessing high quality legal advice, and our birth injury lawyers will be pleased to meet with you in your own home in Brampton or at a nearby consultation office. We understand how overwhelming and stressful it can be to remember and talk about this traumatic event. An HSH lawyer will listen to the details of your birth story with empathy and compassion and consistently demonstrate that respect for our clients is at the core of everything we do.

At a moment in your life when you are experiencing pain and suffering from grief over your loss, trust the team at HSH to be on your side and by your side in Brampton through this process. Together, we will work to ensure there are better days ahead.

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