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When you’re expecting a baby, you know your life about to change in some fairly major ways. And the costs involved with welcoming a new family member to the mix means that one of the biggest changes will be your financial situation. Baby clothes, diapers, toys, and furniture will have you reaching into your wallet or purse much more often than before, but with a little planning and some small sacrifices in your discretionary spending, most new parents are able to create a budget that makes it all work.

But when the unexpected happens, that budget may go right out the window. If your new arrival sustains a serious birth injury in utero, during delivery, or shortly after birth, you may suddenly find yourself dealing with bills for expensive therapies and treatments or costs associated with managing care for a child with severe disabilities.

Some injuries are unavoidable and accidents can and do happen; but if a medical provider’s negligence breached standards of care and caused this harm to you or your baby, the cost of these treatments and care should not be yours to bear alone. Victims of obstetrical malpractice may be able to seek compensation and damages for the pain, suffering and losses they’ve experienced.

Common Types of Birth Injuries

Birth injuries can occur at any stage of pregnancy, during labour or delivery, and in the period immediately following birth.

Common birth injuries include:

  • Spinal cord injuries and nerve damage – Often caused by blunt force trauma during forced extractions, illness in utero, or undiagnosed or misdiagnosed spina bifida (the vertebrae around the spine do not fully protect nerves in the spinal column). These injuries can result in temporary or permanent paralysis, pain, abnormal reflexes and loss of sensation.
  • Cerebral Palsy – Sometimes caused by untreated maternal or in utero infections, stroke, oxygen deprivation (perinatal asphyxia), placental insufficiency (deficient oxygen or nutrient transmission through the placenta) or head trauma, CP is a brain injury that can occur before, during or shortly following birth. CP can affect reflexes, coordination, muscle control, and balance. In may also cause vision and hearing loss, and may affect a person’s ability to communicate.
  • Brachial plexus injuries – Usually caused by shoulder dystocia (a situation during delivery when the baby’s shoulders are wedged behind a woman’s pelvic bone), brachial plexus injuries occur when the nerve network between the neck and shoulders is stretched or otherwise damaged. These injuries may cause Erb’s Palsy and Klumpke’s Palsy.
  • Fractures and scarring – A traumatic delivery, forced extraction, improper use of medical instruments may cause broken bones or soft tissue damage causing permanent scars and disfigurement.
  • Kernicterus – Untreated jaundice can lead to neurotoxicity that may result in severe brain damage.

When You’ve Been Hurt, We’re Here To Help

If you or a loved one has sustained one of these or other serious birth injuries, you know how quickly the joy that should accompany a birth can turn to sorrow. In a matter of moments, a medical provider’s inattention or incompetence can change the course of a young life forever.

Howie, Sacks and Henry’s birth injury lawyers can help you in Belleville if you’ve been a victim of obstetrical malpractice. Our knowledgeable and skilled team is renowned as one of Canada’s top personal injury firms. We’ve developed expertise in the complex area of law and are able to take on even the most challenging and complicated cases.

As you experience one of the most difficult times in your life, you need to know you can depend on your legal representative. HSH birth injury lawyers want to become your advocate and staunch supporter. With the compassion, care and kindness we bring to every client interaction, you’ll clearly see that you are always more than a file to us.

When we meet to discuss your case, we’ll be pleased to answer your questions, explain the process and provide reassurance as you consider your options. Our team can also facilitate testing, evaluations and therapies that you need to assist in recovery, rehabilitation and support your case. An HSH birth injury lawyer can arrange to visit you in your own home in Belleville or at a nearby consultation office. Distance or your ability to travel should never be an obstacle to high quality legal representation.

Trust an HSH birth injury lawyer to be on your side and by your side in Belleville. Together, we can make a claim for the financial resources you deserve for your pain, suffering and losses. As we create a plan to help you recovery from an unimaginable tragedy, you’ll see that there is hope for better days ahead.

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